Raglan Driver Training
Tel: 01600 740 277
Who do we cater for ?

RDT asseses an individuals needs and customises it's courses for the client.

We work with clientele from all sectors, some having previous trailer experience, some having none at all. Courses are adapted in length to compensate for this.

We have run towing introduction courses and reversing clinics for the British Horse Society and other organisations over the past decade, including Newport Caravans Ltd, giving members, customers & employees a greater understanding and confidence boost with their own trailers and caravans when they do not require a test.

We can provide everything you require for training including a 4x4 vehicle and box trailer. If you prefer, you may use your own vehicle if it meets test specification, please consult us on this.

RDT's trailer is correctly weighted for test requirements so we provide this to accompany your vehicle.